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Pieland began as a web3 project, launching 8314 Octopies as its first group of digital collectibles in early 2022. Selling out within a month, the Octopies have been popular ever since! Pieland quickly began working on sharing it's world with holder of the collection, launching community competitions and philanthropic projects, more artwork, merch, a board game. If you'd like to join in as a Digital Collector, you can do so by checking out the collection on OpenSea. Join our active members' community on Discord to chat with other collectors.
Already a member? Head to MyPies.


The Octopies
8314 collectibles.
The Octopies are the original Pieland digital collection. 8314 digital art pieces featuring Octopies were released, all featuring original artwork by Ryan Eaid. Each Octopie in this collection belongs to one of nine Slices. As the world of Pieland has evolved, so too have the Octopies. Owning an Octopie is the key to unlocking the full experience of what our Pieland community has to offer.
The Maps
Collectors collected all four maps to obtain a full map
Collector Rewards for attendance or achievements
The Ovens
Each Slice's Oven as a digital collectible
Learn more about Pieland collectibles.
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