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The Ovens


The Pieson Oven is a welcoming space. While the Piesons protect what is theirs, they're less cautious of letting other Slices nearby, reflecting their friendly nature. It’s situated on a hill—a centerpiece for all to enjoy.

The Ovens are key structures in Pieland, representing the center of each Slice's colony. They're how each Slice produces its Octopies.

The Grand Oven

The Grand Oven was created by the Pieous after they received the Flame from the Guardians, the supreme Pie beings who rule Pieland. In a moment of desperation, the Slices of Pieland agreed to live under the Pieous’ rule in exchange for a piece of the Grand Flame, so that they could each create their own Ovens.

Check out the Wikipiedia for more details on the lore of Pieland.

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