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Where we started

Pieland, born in 2021 by three tech-savvy pieoneers, baked its way into hearts after launching a digital art collection, building a zestful community. From every pie-slice of the globe, members joined in with online compietitions, poker, trivia, and a smorgasbord of story-building adventures. It wasn't just this niche community who fell for Pieland; families savored it too! Their fondness for Pieland's captivating art and tales spurred us to expand beyond the digital realm. We're now rolling out physical goodies and merchandise, weaving Pieland's lore into everything we do—including our first board game.


Let's continue this journey together! 

where we're at 


Currently, we're buzzing about our first board game, Attack of the SNACs—Kickstarter launching April 16th. The family-friendly game promises fun, silliness, lots of pie, and worker placement mechanics. Alongside the game, we're introducing our first merch collection in 2024, featuring T-shirts, mugs, stickers, and plushies. Our Discord community is growing too, with new events like the Bingo League and Poker Grand Prix.


We can't wait to show you what 2024 has in the mixing bowl for Pieland.

Where we're going

At Pieland, the future's as bright as a freshly baked pie! We're all about serving up heaps of fun for families, and dishing out a one-of-a-kind, downright silly world for all. Our Octopies and pie-food-hybrid creatures? They're a unique bunch, ready to flake off to adventures unknown, proving that the sky's the limit for a pie with ambition. This is just the appetizer; the main course is yet to come. We're eager to roll out the Pieland brand even further, open to collaborations and licensing.


Stay tuned - we've got some truly scrumptious ideas in the oven at Pieland.

Our Story

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