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Lore & Pieland

Lore is the crust of the Pieland brand, and we relish a good tale! Our team and community are master bakers of storytelling. From mapping out Pieland’s flaky terrain to the history of the Pieous Overrulers, the Fellowship of the Octopies, and the Ovens Gone Cold - our history is as layered as a deep-dish.


Our supporters and their families whip up their own deliciously complex stories for their Octopies too—adding extra filling to our world. This shared passion for storytelling is the cherry on top of the Pieland experience!

Pieland is a world of vast characters and lands, but we’ll try to give you a summary!

That’s just a Slice of Pieland’s history, and the Octopies and their friends have so many more adventures in store. Pieland is a universe, and who knows what other kinds of Pie creatures reside in it’s lands, ready to take the crust by storm.

A new development: The Huntsman and the ATTACK by the SNAC creatures.. click here to learn more.


Check out the Wikipiedia for the complete Pieland story.

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