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The Slices


Personality: Peaceful, friendly
Habitat: The mainlands of Pieland are their home—a major economic hub for trading with other Slices, as well as a prosperous, agricultural society
Friends: They have a natural affinity for the Pielanders
Foes: The Zompies, Pierates, and Doughbots, are all Slices that the Piesons are hesitant to interact with
Dress: Sunglasses, straw hats, shawls, dresses, and hat-wear
Pets: Dogs, cats, pigs, sheepies
Weapons: Some cautious Piesons carry a sheath or other weaponry to ward off invaders
Fun fact: There are roughly twice as many Piesons as any other Slice

There are nine different Slices of Octopies. Each Slice is unique and occupies a region of Pieland. 

The Octopies live in evolved societies, where each Octopie plays an important role— but it’s not all work and no pie. Piesces love to splash around, Pielanders enjoy fishing, and Zompies prefer more... sinister pastimes.

Based on geography and climate, every Octopie Slice has a unique look, though they all share some DNA throughout their dough and fillings.

Along with the nine main Slices, there are a few notable and legendary Octopies that walk the crusts of Pieland. Be on the lookout for reported odd sightings around Pieland.

Check out the Wikipiedia for more details on the lore of Pieland.

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